Ledningskollen (den del som inte kräver inloggning) använder kakor (cookies) för att samla in statistik och med hjälp av den förbättra webbplatsen. Vi använder också tekniskt nödvändiga kakor. Kakor på Ledningskollen.

Information about Ledningskollen

The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) runs the Ledningskollen initiative. This free web service aims to reduce the amount of excavation damage and simplify the coordination, planning and execution of construction and civil engineering projects.

This service is financed by public funds. It is free to both make enquiries and to register with Ledningskollen as a cable and pipe owner.

Background to Ledningskollen

One of the tasks of PTS is to work to promote robust electronic communications. PTS implements various measures to strengthen these means of communication. Ledningskollen is one of these measures. This web service aims to reduce the risk of excavation damage and thus indirectly strengthen critical infrastructure and enhance crisis management capabilities. The service is also expected to reduce cable indication costs for cable and pipe owners, while improving coordinated digging opportunities.

Excavation damage to cables, pipes and other infrastructure costs hundreds of millions of Swedish kronor every year. A large number of stakeholders therefore responded to PTS’s inquiry about launching a project with a view to establishing a national web service for cable and pipe identification. The project started during the autumn of 2007. The idea was that everyone requiring information about the location of buried cables and pipes could contact the right cable or pipe owner based on a certain specified excavation area. (Ledningskollen is not a central cable and pipe register, but a web service that matches those with queries about forthcoming excavation work with the relevant cable and pipe owners at a particular location.) It is voluntary for cable and pipe owners to participate in Ledningskollen.

Ledningskollen.se has functioned for the whole of Sweden from and including 1 December 2010. Ledningskollen has been financed by PTS together with Svenska kraftnät and the Swedish Transport Administration since 2011.

Swedish Post and Telecom Authority

PTS strives to ensure that everyone in Sweden shall have access to good telephone, broadband and postal services. PTS has run Ledningskollen since 2007 as part of the Authority’s network security work.