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Project organisation

The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority is the project manager for Ledningskollen.se and the Authority controls its operation and development. PTS has a steering and a reference group to provide assistance.

Steering Group

The steering group is led by the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority. The other members are Svenska kraftnät, the Swedish Transport Administration, the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR) and the Broadband Forum.

Reference group

The reference group currently comprises project managers from The association of Heavy Equipment Contractors, the City of Gothenburg, Ellevio, E.ON, Ledningskollen, Telia, Stokab, Swedish kraftnät, the Swedish Urban Network Association, Tele 2, Telenor, the Swedish Transport Administration and Vattenfall.


The work resulting in the launch of Ledningskollen.se on 7 September 2009 was conducted as part a broad-based project, with PTS playing the role of coordinator. A central reference group was established when the project started during the autumn of 2007 with representatives of those interested parties that wanted their own project managers to participate. Other stakeholders have been included in a support group.

When it became clear that the first part of the rollout would take place in the County of Uppsala, a reference group was also created for Uppsala to assist the project with matters relating to training, information and local support prior to the launch in Uppsala.