Ledningskollen (den del som inte kräver inloggning) använder kakor (cookies) för att samla in statistik och med hjälp av den förbättra webbplatsen. Vi använder också tekniskt nödvändiga kakor. Kakor på Ledningskollen.

Introducing Ledningskollen

Ledningskollen enables communication between the owners of cables, pipes and other infrastructure and people who want to know where these are located.

Multiple areas of application

The most common reason for using Ledningskollen is when planning some kind of earthworks where there is a risk of cables or pipes being damaged. In these cases cable indication is requested from the operators owning cables and pipes in the area.

The service is also useful for:

  • design and planning

  • coordination

  • matters relating to the local development plan

Convenient for many people

Ledningskollen is not only useful for cable and pipe owners, but also private individuals, businesses, public and municipal authorities and others planning or undertaking earthworks.

It is extremely risky to excavate a site without first submitting an enquiry to cable and pipe owners via Ledningskollen. Anyone damaging a cable or pipe may be liable to pay compensation.

Easy to find out about cables and pipes

Making an enquiry is easy. First create an account with Ledningskollen and then log in and create a query by entering the necessary information. This information is sent to cable and pipe owners affiliated to Ledningskollen with infrastructure close to the area referred to in the query. You will then receive a response from those cable and pipe owners that have infrastructure at the location where you are excavating.

For cable and pipe owners (current and prospective)

Ledningskollen also makes it easy for those representing an infrastructure-owning business or organisation to register areas where they have cables and pipes.

Are you planning to build a cable or pipe network but have not started yet? If so, the service can be used to mark areas where you want to build, increasing your prospects of identifying coordinated digging opportunities and thereby reducing your costs.

Broadband rollout

Municipal broadband coordinators and others working with promotion of broadband development, together with those working to roll out the broadband network, can use Ledningskollen to identify rollout and coordination opportunities.

Ledningskollen is a free service

This service is financed by public funds. There is no charge to register current and planned cable and pipe networks or create queries in Ledningskollen.

Security and benefit

Ledningskollen does not collect information about the exact location of cables and pipes for reasons of security and confidentiality. Ledningskollen can also only answer questions about the infrastructure of those participants supporting the service. The more parties supporting the service, the more extensive its positive effects in the form of fewer cables and pipes being damaged and greater coordination opportunities.