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Creating a case – a step-by-step guide

Creating an account

– Start by clicking “Börja här“, in the top right corner of the Home Page.

– Click the blue link “Klicka här för att skapa konto” then opt between creating a private or company account.

Private accounts are for projects on your own property. Whereas company accounts are for work related projects.

Private account

– If you don’t have a Swedish personal identity number, choose “Utan Mobilt Bank-ID” then “Nästa”.

- On the next page, you must enter some personal information (see bottom of this page)
-When you have entered your information, click “Nästa”.
-  A verification-code will now be sent to your email address. Enter the digits from the email under “Engångskod” and click “Nästa”.

Company account

- To make a company account, you need to use an email address with a company domain or use a phone number which is registered to the company. For example, if you work at “Drillers AB” your email should be name@drillers.se. A domain such as Gmail or outlook is not valid. 
– Start by entering your email address and phone number and click “Nästa”.
– A verification code will be sent to your email, enter the digits under “Engångskod” then click “Nästa”.
-Enter your 10-digit organisational number, then click “Nästa”.

Then you can choose an already existing organisation or create a new one. Choose one and click “Nästa”.
Lastly, you must enter some personal information (see below) and click “Skapa konto”. The account then needs to be activated by the organization’s admin or Ledningskollen support.

Enter your personal information in the following order:
- First name
- Surname
- Phone number
- Email address
-  Desired Username
-  Desired Password
- Repeat password.

Creating a Case (private user)

When you have an account and have logged in, you can start creating a case by clicking “Skapa ärende”.

  1. The first step is specifying when you’re going to start your project.
    - Choose the starting date in the calendar.
    - Select how many days the project will take in the “Arbetslängd” dropdown menu.
    (If you’re still early in the planning process and/or only require maps with the locations of the cables, you can click the “Projekteringsärende” link to change case-type.
    Keep in mind that only a “ledningsanvisningsärende” (the default case type) may be used before an excavation).
    Click “nästa” when you’re done.

  2. On step 2 you need to describe the purpose and work method of your project.
    Pick at least 1 option from each column.
    Arbetssyfte (Purpose).
    -El (Electricity)
    -Fiber (Fiber internet)
    -Fjärrvärme: (District heating)
    -VA: (Water/wastewater)
    -Nybyggnation: (New construction)
    -Om- eller tillbyggnad: (renovation/extension)
    -Dränering: (Drainage)
    -Berg- / jordvärme: (Geothermal heating)
    -Dikning: (Trenching)
    -Täckdikning: (Cover trenching)
    -Annat: (Other)
    Arbetsmetod: (Work method)
    -Maskinschaktning: (machine excavation)
    - Fräsning (milling)
    -Plöjning: (plowing)
    - Trenching: (trenching)
    - Borrning: (drilling)
    - Sprängning: (explosives)
    - Pålning/spontning: (piling)
    - Bottenarbete: (underwater work)
    - Sjöförläggning: (sea installation)

    - Annat: (Other

  3. Step 3 is where you mark the area/location of your project on a map.
    In the top right corner, you can type in the address, followed by the city/municipality.
    When you have located the address, you have 3 different tools in the top left corner of the map. We recommend the polygon tool in most cases.
    Click the tool of your choosing, then click on the map to place dots around the area of your project.
    When you have marked the edges of your project, click your first point once more to complete the shape.
    In the top right corner, there is a dropdown menu where you must pick the estimated depth of the project.
    When you’re satisfied with the area and depth, click Spara, Nästa, Godkänn.

  4.  Step 4 is where you enter your contact information. The first choice is between receiving maps via email or mail. Depending on your choice, you need to enter your email address or name, address, ZIP code and municipality. We recommend using email.
    Kontakt för utsättning” is your contact information for when/if the cable-owner needs to contact you regarding making physical markings of the cable locations.  Write your name and phone number 
    Click “Nästa” when you’re done.

  5.  Here you can add whatever information you think would be relevant, for those who receive your case.
    Under “Fastighetsbeteckning” you can add the property designation for the project. Both are optional. 
    Click “Nästa” when you’re done.

  6. The last step is just an overview of your case. Check that everything looks ok and click “Skapa” to complete the case.
    Your case will now be sent to the cable owners. You can see which cable owners have received your case as well as their contact information under the map in the case-overview.